The mission of Valetel Ltd is to serve the interests of its customers by providing quality service.

It is our vision to grow, grow through continuous improvement of our services in order to pass on to our customers the security of working with a company organized, solid and mature.

To this end, our strategy is based on the implementation of a Quality Management System in order to improve our internal organization and consolidate a customer oriented organization and continuous improvement.

The guiding principles of this Management System are:

  • Promoting quality upstream business, favoring suppliers and subcontractors with improved responsiveness.
  • Involvement and motivation of all employees, through the expression of ideas and suggestions in the search for constant improvement opportunities in performing services.
  • Providing employees with the necessary training so that the development of their activities do so competently.
  • Recognizing the importance of each and teamwork as essential to the organization and improvement.

This strategy is and will always be based on values such as responsibility, accuracy, efficiency, solidarity and respect.

The Management, supports and reviews the implementation of the system, ensures the maintenance and treatment of the information generated by the Quality Management System and undertakes to give the Company the necessary resources to fulfill this policy.